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Equestrian competition reappear the bird's nest

Time:08-01-2012 12:03:08

On 10 May 2012-12,, China's top equestrian event refired, 2012 longines has table Beijing international equestrian masters will once again in the "bird's nest", begin. "Germany equestrian father" lu stagg • bill led the world's top Andrew baum twelve equestrian star, and from the host of the Olympic Games in Beijing China rider, pine valley MJC spokesman zhu Mei mei.lizhenqiang's waiting for many excellent rider elegant and wonderful on the competition. A few days ago, the author came to the organizing committee, zero distance contact with special entry "player"-horse racing, and to the event for the preliminary understanding.
According to organizers, this game is most racing a plane from Europe has come to Chinese teams. Every horse are well trained and healthy tall, elegant body appearance. Many of them are battle-tested, for he had the international competition "veteran". At present already in place there were 10 horse racing, they are made by a professional care people from Sweden and four good care people from China. The whole day will take care of the horse, scored the including eating and living to training the maintenance work, sometimes even have to take turns working 24 hours. So hard!!!!!
From the horse keeper 's mouth we know that different horse also have different personality, every horse has his temper, amiable, affable and narcissistic, cold high proud. The horse for food is very exquisite, in addition to forage, oats beyond, apple, carrot and horse like food, and eat oil and salt, and even bread, red wine, ginseng can as their food. The horse racing every day two basic training, a slip is horse, a bike is, every time duration of about 40-45 minutes in. When training in horse leg tie with the Achilles parts, in order to avoid they hurt; In addition, the training ground is paved with the ground carefully selected the thick sand and the special broken fiber, in training can give the horse leg provide sufficient buffer.
Care more Swedish horse keeper mia was a lively and cheerful young girl, Mr. Andrew baum, the team from bill. She since the childhood special like horses, also have its own horse. And the horse together is mia hobby, university and equestrian relevant professional. She looked at the horse is the happy in their help become strong and as innocent, every day they meet the new challenge together and achieve new progress. Mia says he never thought that can because equestrian came to faraway China, also hope that China can send in the sport carry forward, let more people to experience the joy of equestrian sport.