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Beijing team won national equestrian jumping championship

Time:08-01-2012 20:26:51

On June9-10,2012 the national equestrian site jumping championship was hold in JINGCHENG HUI international equestrian club which is in caiyu daxing district,beijing. In the morning of June 10, at the team event (120 CM level) in 8 provinces from the national countries.combining team, with four points better than high stakes HuBeiDui grades get the team title. HuBeiDui and financial sharing the runner-up,second runner-up.
In the afternoon of high level 140-150 CM in the individual, the high stakes DuanYiHua and horses in the first game of the CHAIRMAN a not too favorable conditions, scored his first 0 points. Then there are eight athletes to zero. Then, nine athletes fight to the complex, because DuanYiHua is still the first out, so no one else in the game do reference case, although 0 points to finish the race, but time after XinJiangDui play than Mr Pull chipped mention • the worship, 1.21 seconds, eventually obtaining runners-up.