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Snow polo World Cup

Time:08-02-2012 12:13:07

By Chinese equestrian association and the international polo association host, tianjin sports department, Hong Kong polo sport and promotion association and tianjin polo sport association of the Asia the first snow polo World Cup in tianjin international polo spent yesterday will end. In the final, Hong Kong China with its sharp attack with 7:4 force South African mission, won the success. In the third race, England to victory over Argentina 8:7.
This game contestants mount to race horses is by the offer, the team players through the draw lots to choose their own race horses. The horse is the people pay attention to tacit cooperation with horse, through the game heading for many days, the players and their own race horses is more with the tacit understanding. Yesterday's final third in the race by four quarter and the format, each quarter when net six minutes, points in the second half on hold. Hong Kong China against the South African final particularly fierce, the games played a higher level of skill and tactics, the game is the most fantastic matchups.
The beginning of the game in the first quarter, China's Hong Kong from the right play a good coordination, the lead. Then, drives Hong Kong China played back, to the next town. The first section ZhanBa, Hong Kong China with 2:0 lead. Compared with the first quarter, the second section of the game more exciting.The beginning of the game, the South African counter blew the trumpet, by the core players for bloom pulled a goal. Just when the South African team immersed in the joy of pulled a goal of Hong Kong China again quick counterattack, scoring one goal. After a full-scale offensive play goal, Hong Kong China hold back the big open space left opponents, dozen they are fighting back. With an efficient counterattack and rival in the backcourt defensive blunders, Hong Kong China for his two goals, with 5:1 lead. Then, both sides had to be extremely intense, you come to me to, horseback riding swing to kill. In the second quarter to the closing of Hong Kong and China are relying on the South African 15 yards free throws, each into a ball. The first half, Hong Kong China to 6:2 lead.
The third quarter, the face of China's Hong Kong tough defense, the South African tenacious pulled a goal. The fourth quarter into the white-hot, and more intense scenes. Due to the influence of the physical decline, the players hitting action some deformation, been repeated the ball hit yi. Under the intense form, the games scoring opportunities lost many times. Especially the South African won two free throws 25 yards, from Hong Kong by the Chinese players like magic cleared. This quarter, and both sides each scored. Finally, the score stopped at 7:4, the Hong Kong China won the champions of the three players, riding a horse, waving the cue, a lap, accept the audience cheering.
In the subsequent war came, England and Argentina on a crazy DuiGongZhan. 4 quarter, both sides grabbed amazing 15 goals. England before the final with a fatal blow to 8:7 power grab Argentina.
In the last of the prize presentation ceremony, exalted trophy Hong Kong China become the biggest winner of the race. Their key players, rilla won the game's most valuable player award, and especially rilla's mount NEGRO won the game's best horses award. China's Hong Kong: memorable lucky tianjin
6 war five wins and one negative, Hong Kong China with its tough defense and sharp attack becoming the polo of the World Cup winner. Review the ups and downs of the game, win the most valuable player award, China's Hong Kong players think this game rilla is he so far in the most wonderful game, tianjin is his lucky. "This is my first time to come to tianjin to participate in the World Cup, have never thought to socialize won the championship, I'm excited. China tianjin should is my lucky. As long as the opportunity, I will be here next year of the game." Hong Kong is the Chinese players kris phillips snow polo World Cup co-organiser--tianjin international polo spent the operations director of stable. 12 years old start play polo of his career for their own polo, had been to many parts of the world, have been to Argentina, the united Arab emirates, New Zealand, Australia, Spain and other countries of the he thinks the most memorable game experience. "From the start, everyone together hand in hand in the field to each other, won the championship, exalted trophy at that moment, I said to myself, we Chinese Hong Kong is the best. Now return to the game process, it's exciting."
Look at China in this race course of Hong Kong, the group game, they 4:2 win India team; The second group stage, they in three games and England, a 6 6, free throws 0:2 defeat by opponents, this also is in the game they eat only battle; The third battle group, they to 7:6 victory Argentina; Quarter finals, with 5: four narrow their France; Semi-final, they to 7:4's England team, called the lost their opponents for; Final, with 7:4 they South African barrick.
Throughout the course, final scored four yuan Hong Kong China team, rilla think, the semi-finals success revenge England, let their title confidence. "The England team are strong, the semi-finals, we make careful assault tactics to stem the other containment tactics, finally we played a pretty tough sell, beat them to the NBA finals day, I will. The final and two teammates joked:" this champion is our ', and his teammates also very identity. In the final, we take a strong self-confidence, hit the high efficiency, and finally become the attack really champions."
Mention the performance of the final, Hong Kong Chinese players before the team do think kris phillips well prepared and match well completed the huddle. "Before the game, we focused on the South African do the huddle, is an opening to press, attack, let opponents in a defensive posture, and then finds. You also see the score, in the game we also did, and when we get 5:1 lead, I know the champions have not so far from us." In addition, fei xiang think in the final, they team horses and players blend flawless also is the key to win the game. "The horse is our friend, today we ride a horse, and we cooperate with good condition is very good, this is we can win the final of important factor."