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The national equestrian jumping race is held in Beijing

Time:08-02-2012 12:25:48


July 21, 2012-22, by Chinese equestrian association, bicycle fencing sports management center modern pentathlon and equestrian training base of the 2012 "le K cup" national equestrian jumping race, the national equestrian jumping race championship youth championship in modern pentathlon and equestrian base was successfully held.
The national equestrian competition covers the obstacle, the national equestrian field championship teams of young, youth championship race. From the provinces, the city, the association and the club were 15 teams, 45 athletes, the horses 50 horse took part in the competition.
The national equestrian jumping race of teenagers championships held, make more teenagers have to present their equestrian lovers of the stage, the game the athletes in the minimum age for 12 years old, borrow the tournament mutual exchanges and raise together, enhancing understanding. The national equestrian jumping race championship ace gathers, for example in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing China's HuangZuPing, li zhenqiang, national title Mr Pull chipped mention. O worship, domestic famous player hadad iron, the arrival of this event for their grace many, drive the event competitive level. Organizers said that the tournament has achieved good effect, achieve the expected purpose and result.
Period, at Beijing 61 years of heavy rain the weather, but the athletes still actively prepare for, a competition for sleek, the premises of the atmosphere and the enthusiasm of the horse race off the heavy rain and strong winds to form bright contrast. Events in the state general administration of sports since the sword center, Chinese equestrian association and Beijing yuan Yang HongXing food Co., LTD enterprise support, the organization in place, smooth process flow, departments closely to ensure the final event a complete success.