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Harness shop manager of Qiju Job Description:
1、 Under thiry year old
2、 One more year working experience in shop management
3、 Could use office software and could do sales statistics
4、 Benefit for shop daily work and management
Contact person:Mr Yang
Tel phone: 13901369323
Project director(Project design/English prefer) Job Description:
1、 One more year working experience in project management.
2、 Good communicational ability
3、 Professional skills:Could use CAD software skillfully,know ILLUSTRATO and PS.
4、 Educational bankground:Above junior college degree or equal.
5、 English certificate:Above CET-4
6、Have a good ability in reading、listening and writing.Have good team work spirit and good team corrdination
Region Manager:
Job Description:
1、 Develop new market.Matin the relationship with the customer in your area.
2、 More than two year experience in sales management.
3、 Good personality and good communicational ability、quick-wittedness、logic clear、show words easily.
4、 Have a good mind and eyes to the market.Have good opinion to some activities and events.Could well known the market at a very short time,give a good judgement about the work development.Have a good resopnsiblity and loyal to your team. Store Keeper Job Description:
1、 More than two year working experience in store management.
2、 Skillfull for computer use.Have a good ability to analysis the stock data.
3、 Encharge the outbound warehousing.Make inventory report.
4、 Check the stock goods regularly.Keep the store tide and clean
5、 Have a good responsibility to your work and do the work carefully.
6、 Have a quick mind and good communication with other departments.
Network technology :
Requirements:Graduated in computer and other related major first.More than one year related experience.have good professional knowledge.could solve network problem. Skillfull to install computer software.Know the basis knowledge about div+css. Job Discription: Network extend SEO,Hand in operate report,web editor and maintenance.The company website structure of planning, design and adjustment, implementation and maintenance performance optimization; Reasonable planning allocation network resources, real-time monitoring network system operation state and maintenance; Responsible for all kinds of network fault, guarantee the network security office environment; Responsible for the company's computer software such as the installation of the commonly used; Understanding the basis of div + CSS.
Network service
Job Discription: Have telephone sales experience, taobao sales experience is preferred, standard mandarin, typing 60 / minutes above, 1-2 years work experience
Responsible for the network market agreement was signed, market development, customer maintenance and customer file management; Responsible for the establishment of the network market price plan and implement the work, in order to reflect market feedback manager; Done every month sales network of the statistical work, to give reasonable suggestion; Responsible for web material the input and update, and provide timely feedback to customers online questions and reserve; Responsible for the network market of advertising planning and tracking, release, timely submitted to the manager of the perfect advertising solution; To establish the archives web client work, attention to order and constantly update, and regularly report to the manager; Accept the company's web site taobao mall and market, customer consultation, complaints, phone online consultation, etc, and provide timely feedback to follow up. Collect user questions, reply online message; Deal with daily goods and goods update, resolve customer complaints disputes, maintain good customer relations;
Gateway website English translation (English/competent and foreign)
Two years working experience is preferred, have English version website editor and translation work experience is preferred.
Normal colleges and juinor college or above, major in business or English professional background is preferred, study abroad or work experience is preferred. A strong listening, speaking, reading, and writing English language communication ability. English major students .English above tem8 professional certificate. On the network and the gateway website have some knowledge. Strong team spirit of cooperation and team coordination ability, strong communication skills. Have independently work and the leadership of the project self ability.
Responsible for the company's web site English content editor. Responsible for foreign customers, and the related to communication results to the higher leadership do Chinese written report. Responsible for the company's web portal foreign propaganda and promotion. Website English page daily management and maintenance work. The above person can provide free room,after formal employ, five risks,provide free lunch.(practice and probation period all provide)
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