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Irish help china equestrian center

Time:08-01-2012 19:42:08


China has chosen to help themselves in the Irish the fourth largest city of tianjin construction a billions of euros country equestrian center.
The facilities for Ireland is expected in the next three years to create nearly 40 million euros of export. Tianjin equestrian city project cost almost 2 billion, can help China to further develop their horse racing and breeding industry.
The announcement is the agriculture minister, families have WenNi in China and five days of trade project publication. As part of the project, top Chinese agricultural graduates will spend two months in pearl's ray in the read the micro-organisms.
The project is the first time that China has in the horse racing and breeding of overseas investment. Mr. WenNi secco said: the plan can not only promote the Irish large equestrian the prosperity and development of the market, and also have the potential to have professional project company and individual bring a series of business opportunities. Trade delegation's top 127 representatives will participate in this series of emphasis on trade and investment projects. More than 50 home Irish food and agriculture service companies were involved in the project in order to confirm the Irish manufacturing potential export market. Responsible for meat, daily necessities, seafood and agricultural science and technology and related services company's chief executive will escort minister involved in the project.
This task is followed by Taoiseach Enda Kenny last month-a trip to China, this time in a series of affairs in both sides established a stable partner relationship. The embassy in Beijing for the Irish in before the start of the meeting, families WenNi first minister will meet with Chinese partners. Later this week, as part of the global network of Ireland-Beijing food network will be put on the market. Both sides expect the project with the Beijing very much companies together for the Irish and China with higher profits.