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The establishment of National Equestrian Association

Time:08-01-2012 19:47:33

On April 12, 2012, state general administration of sports bike fencing sports management center, Chinese equestrian association held in Beijing China the establishment ceremony of national equestrian team. State general administration of sports bike fencing sports management center director, Chinese equestrian association President Mr. PanZhiChen read the Chinese national equestrian team to set up the message, national equestrian team athletes, coaches representatives and their chariots overall appearance, they tidy perfect queue show, show that China equestrian athletes perseverance, strives constantly for self-improvement, the dream without limit of the spirit and power.
The newly established national equsestrian association set up three events presently.The athletes、coaches are great protential and make a big progress in the home and abroad game.

Be worth to say, national equestrian team to provide a high level for the national team absorption movement of the international horse horse a key member of Chinese equestrian sports assumed jointly improve the level of responsibility. As well known, China has many ability players, but suffer from too little horses, equestrian team this strategy is a new national equestrian team learning foreign equestrian sport development, and with the successful experiences in the development of Chinese equestrian sports actual situation, and actively explore rely on social and market a national equestrian team, for specialized and professional operation, improve the level of equestrian sport new pathway. Make full use of international tangible and intangible assets and intellectual property rights, integrate social resources, to develop the Chinese equestrian sports market. As China's national treasure jun car equestrian team strategic partners, was formally established by international debut ceremony platform, declared introduced a new product is a kind of mutual benefit and listed the marketization of exploration attempt. Will encourage more horse owner (i.e. horse's master, the horse master) for national equestrian team to provide more horses.