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Dubai World Cup founder attention to China’s market

Time:08-02-2012 12:34:20


In just the end of the world's most expensive RACES-dubai after the World Cup, its founder, the united Arab emirates vice President and prime minister, dubai sheikh muhammad chief Ben Wallace le o • mark paestum Dali group in China's official website disclosure, will China region to recruit 12 of overseas full scholarship students international ChunXieMa breeding management training, horse racing to develop the Chinese market.
Along with China's new noble for horse racing's favor, the international racing organizations and companies are focusing on the Chinese market. In may this year, second Beijing international equestrian masters would be in the nest, organizer invited 10 international well-known riders to China for a game show, the competition has signed until 2015. In addition, international horse league site obstacles from the World Cup China last year began to move to China, the mainland HuangZuPing rider in 2011 China "break the finals history, get the opportunity to the World Cup.
Not only international event in China, the domestic various parts of the horse racing games also blustery, but the horse racing overall level is not high, the horse market lacks norms. According to information, the domestic has roughly 300 home equestrian club, concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and around, nearly five hundred thousand people often contact horses, but the real ability to the horse racing less than 5000. Not only participate in the crowd is limited, professional horse farm staff, the racecourse operation and management personnel level also to be improved.
Dudley provide this time of dubai international ChunXieMa management practice course, it is a professional horses feeding, veterinarians, kind of horse breeding sales, commercial management knowledge racecourse provides Chinese college students. Training place also will be located in the UK, Ireland, France Salvador Dali, Australia, the United States or Japan, six farming base. In addition to tuition, accommodation, transportation and other fees, the students will also gain a month trough of living allowance. Dali group, says they will help young Chinese long-term, contact and learning horse racing and culture.