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G.Passier & Sohn

Time:08-01-2012 20:14:05

A Passion for Success
Saddles and accessories from the hands of a master. From Passier. Passier is "The spirit of riding. Since 1867." A high standard to live up to. And this is done every day anew. Thus the Passier products of today are the result of 145 years of experience.
A lot has changed since the founding of G. Passier & Sohn. Especially in riding. Nonetheless, Passier saddles, bridles, and accessories are still around. And that's a good sign. Because it is proof that quality combined with tradition succeeds.
1867 – Establishment of the company
G. Passier & Sohn is founded in 1867 by Georg Christian Passier, Regimental saddler of the Royal Ulan Regiment No. 13. He quickly establishes a clear quality concept. The company becomes the court supplier of His Majesty the Kaiser and King – a very special appointment indeed.
1901 – The reconstruction
In 1901 his son Ernst Passier, a merchant,joins the company and heads it during the First World War. After the war the company is rebuilt – the good connections abroad are especially helpful in this phase. Thus the company is able to survive inflation and the economic depression.
1930 – The international orientation
In 1930 his son Georg Passier joins the company – saddler and businessman with experience in the USA. After the Second World War the destroyed production plant and sales offices of the company are rebuilt under his management. The main focus of the company is the export of quality goods made in Germany.
1968 – The expansion
In 1968, exactly 101 years to the day after the founding of the company, son-in-law Jochen A. Kannemeier enters the expanding, family-owned company. Exceptionally high-quality saddles, bridles and accessories – such as saddle girths, stirrup leathers, etc. – are produced in two locations.
1994 – With a view to the future
In 1994, 80 years after the death of Georg Christian Passier, the fifth generation joins the company: at this time, Georg D. Kannemeier, is the sole manager of G. Passier & Sohn. Today the former craftsman’s shop exports to more than 40 countries on every continent. A family-owned company with a future. Since 1867.